Cooking with Mushrooms

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In our home, mushrooms are either loved or hated. My husband loves them and I love them. I’ve found some ways to get him to eat…and enjoy…them. Read more now on Soulcybin

What I enjoy doing is:

Chicken Catchamommy – As you can tell from the name, this dish was invented when our children where young. This dish is loosely based on cacciatore but it’s different enough that it needs a new name. The onions are cut into small pieces and caramelized. Then I add the diced mushrooms and bite-sized pieces of chicken. Then I add my sauce. You can make your own sauce or use canned sauces. I’ve done both. This is a much-loved dinner.

It is a fact that you can make stuffed mushrooms if there is enough bacon. Sauté capped mushrooms with a mixture of olive oil butter and bacon fat. Once they are nice and juici, I add cheese to the middle. Gouda or mozzarella work really well. Add a little bacon and bake until the cheese melts. It’s a hit.

Stuffed eggs: They aren’t your mother’s deviled egg. These are delicious and not very healthy. The eggs should be boiled and peeled, then sliced as for deviled egg. Place the yokes into a food processor. Sauté bacon in the meantime. Once the bacon is done, place it in the food processer and remove most of the fat. In the same skillet, add a little olive oil and sauté diced onions and mushrooms. Add the onion and mushrooms to the food processor along with a little mayo. Fill the eggs with it after pulsing.

Both white button mushrooms and Italian Crimis were used in the recipes above. Other mushrooms have been used in my other dishes but they’re not as common. These are. Grab some mushrooms and try them out. They taste good and are full of health benefits.

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