Holistic Physician and Family Therapy Share Incredible Experiences of Healing

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Gabriel Cousens shares incredible healing experiences in this article. Gabriel Cousens can be described as a holistic physician or family therapist. He is also an author. Visit our website and learn more about ayahuascahealings.com.

Kevin. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your work these past 20 years or so?

Gabriel: Well, it’s subtle. It’s actually quite fun to see people heal. There’s no doubt that this is what will happen. But there’s also a lot of mystery. Others may feel that there is a lot karma in their lives, that they are not healing from, etc. Most people do great. There are many challenges to getting people. They don’t seem to get it. You must keep working on them to help them live their lives in this way. It’s the same as saying, “You mean that I can no longer eat sugar or high fruit?” “No, this is what I meant.” You don’t want to get diabetes back, but you are now healed. You can’t return to the way it was, you’ll make it up again. It is like a block to people. It takes time. It takes many years. They heal, it’s dramatic, it’s immediate, they can see results. Their blood glucose drops from over 400 with medication to 88 in three weeks. It’s impossible for most people to believe. We call it “natural”. It happens three months later and then four months later when they go the opposite direction. You cannot do that. It’s amazing to see how difficult people find it to let go their food habits.

Kevin. So how does one manage their beliefs regarding eating? This seems to be the difficulty. There’s also a belief system.

Gabriel The belief system and habit systems that underlie it are The only thing we can do for the 21-day period is that it’s so quick and so powerful, you can’t deny.

Kevin: Right.

Gabriel But people continue to say, “Yeah. Yeah. That’s great …” then they lose their minds because we’re inundated by the culture death. We are talking about this. You have to be okay with it. Although the information we offer isn’t suitable for all, it’s useful for diabetics (2%). That’s over 1.6 million people. That’s huge! That’s 1.6 million people! We believe we can achieve even greater results with the support of governments in South America and Central America.

We have one hospital in Dubai which is very interested. It’s shocking that it went from 25% down to 32%. This means that the population is dysfunctional. They are incapable of functioning. It’s like, whoa!

Kevin. How can I fix it?

Gabriel According to my conversations with different Arab people and other doctors, the problem is high sugar. Number one is sugar and number two is lamb. Yemen. Yemen. Yemen had a diet consisting of almost 85% animal flesh, fat, lamb and very low sugar. It didn’t have diabetes. 20 years later, it has developed diabetes. Sugar is number 1. It is so prevalent in the Arab countries that sugar is extremely popular. Why?

The truth is that sugar is cooling. India, for example, has 40,000,000 diabetics. They are the top country for diabetes. Because these are the top three sugar growers in America, it gives them a chance to outperform everyone in diabetes incidence.

Kevin: Really.

Gabriel In creating diabetes, candida or hypoglycemia, sugar is by far the greatest issue. Sugar cooling is a characteristic of hotter cultures. You’re right, those cultures have a high prevalence of sugar disease.

Kevin. Is it because of the abundance of processed sugars or fruits?

Gabriel. While it’s clearly related to fruit, I think you’re more referring to white sugar. I’m being honest with you, the diabetics. When they have a piece if sugar, which is a bit of fruit, it raises their blood sugar. There is no way. We are constantly monitoring all things. We’re seeing it. We have direct experience like no one else. It works. If you have diabetes, it is impossible to eat fruit. It doesn’t work. The body doesn’t do this…it spikes blood sugar.

Kevin. You want to leave everyone with something tonight.

Gabriel Love yourself enough to care about yourself and want to heal the planet. So I hope to inspire people to love their bodies enough to make changes to their diets, such as going vegan and eating live food. We not only heal ourselves, but also heal the earth, the living ecology, and bring peace to every level. If anyone chooses to do so, I am happy to bless them all.

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