Truck Troubles: Which Tow Truck Company Should You Call?

Wednesday , 3, May 2023 Leave a comment

The assistance of towing service providers is not always well-known. Some towing miscreants have a shady reputation. Charge extra fees, drive recklessly, conspire to get clients to pay the agreed-upon fee, and even some have been known to hold vehicles for high prices or intimidate customers. List goes on but we’re sure you can get the picture. There are many honest operators. But that doesn’t mean there’s no other good ones. This is the group that sets the bar for the industry. While regulations are still being developed, operators are taking advantage of the blind spot to do shady deals!

Towing regulations and honesty must go together, otherwise situations like being stranded or running out fuel cannot be avoided. It is likely that the industry will soon be regulated, but until then, the public needs to know whom to call in case of an emergency or if their car breaks down. As more cases of operators taking advantage of clients are brought to light, it’s time to ensure that people who work hard and earn an honest income don’t get taken advantage.

It has even been reported that drunk drivers have arrived at the scene in some instances. Some reports have been made about intoxicated clients making agreements, only to realize their mistake when they sober up. These complaints are endless, and being informed is the best way to prevent situations like this. There are many important factors that go into the decision making process for any service. Here are some easy but effective ways to avoid tensions with tow trucks!

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